Saturday, May 23, 2015

5 Kids and Counting

So, how 'bout them Duggars, amirite? The actual details of what Josh Duggar did to four of his sisters and another girl he was babysitting are pretty bad, though not by the standards of what your average social worker sees routinely.

What makes it worse is that, if you do the math, when Josh was 14, his next four sisters would have been 12, 11, 10, and 9 (depending on the dates of the incident(s), the younger two girls may have been 9 and 8). It's hard to tell from the heavily-redacted police report in the In Touch article what the age was of the non-related girl. But this is all pretty bad shit, worse when you make your living humping the country's leg about their moral decline.

Certainly the timing of this story is politically convenient, seeing as how all the events, including the belated investigation, are a decade old or more. It would not be surprising at all to find the fingerprints of whatever ratfucking scumbag Hillary Clinton has running the dirty ops arm of her campaign team. But that is entirely the fault of the asshole conservatard industry, who accumulate money and power lecturing the peons on their personal lives and choices, rather than doing a single goddamned thing to empower them and help them get their lives together.

It's a sorry excuse for a human being that sends good jobs overseas, breaks up families by making both parents work shit jobs for no money until they drop, just to eke a living, destroys communities by eliminating their middle class, and then lectures everyone on their fucking values. They thought they'd be slick and use these overbreeding hillbillies as totems for their fambly-valyews horseshit, and it is something of a joy to watch them get chomped in the ass on it.

The conservatards are already pulling out their "what about Slick Willie" whinge, and while I am no fan of the man (and Jeffrey Epstein sounds like a scumbag that any politician should be ashamed to be seen with), the big difference here is that Bill Clinton, as craven of a triangulator as he's always been, never traded up on moral superiority. It may be the only thing he's ever been honest about, but he does at least understand that as a poonhound extraordinaire, he has no standing to lecture others on louche behavior and loose morals.

I think this is less about a weird teenager feeling his sisters up while they sleep, and more about all the failures built into the systems that support and encourage families such as the Duggars. If you look closely at the police report (difficult, but doable) you'll see where it mentions that the incidents between Josh Duggar and his sisters took place in a "common room" where most or all of the children slept.

Bear in mind that by the time Josh Duggar was fourteen years old, he already had twelve siblings, with yet another on the way. Knowing what most grown-ass adults know about teenage hormones and impulses, is it possible that ol' Jim Bob 'n' Michelle might have been courting trouble having their teenage son sleeping right next to his four tweener sisters?

I mean these parents have failed in a lot of ways, not the least of which is by acting as if procreating like an African warlord -- as if there aren't already too many goddamned humans on this groaning, abused planet -- is some sort of holy calling. But as a parent myself, I'll say that one of the biggest ways parents can fail their children is when they forget what kids are like, and allow them be in problematic situations where they -- get this -- act like kids.

The next failure is where Jim Bob decides that, like the Catholic Church and its countless pedo priests and abusive nuns, it's best to just keep this all in-house. It's understandable; especially if the kid expresses contrition and shows a behavioral change. But you still can't do it, and in fact one could reasonably infer that the decision to finally go to the police a full year after the incidents might have been spurred by a recurrence, what the family would probably prefer to call a "relapse".

The Arkansas state trooper also failed them by doing nothing at all about the situation, and it's no small detail that that same trooper, Jim Hutchens, is now doing 56 years in prison for child pornography. It's like something out of a bad movie; you almost expect the mayor or the county supervisors to be heading some sort of human- and drug-trafficking sex cult. They're all in on it! Run for your life!

This may conceivably end with a nosy investigator trapped in a giant wicker statue, praying vainly as it's set ablaze.

This is a perfect example of how providential thinking fails every step of the way. Something will come along because something always does, as long as you pray. If it actually comes along, then the prayers worked; if not, you just didn't pray hard enough. Easy. Josh sought forgiveness, his parents wanted to believe him and got their special friends in the community to help them brush it under, and life went on. Happens more often than we know.

But this family has cashed in on their moral superiority, and their oldest son has chosen a career in the moralizing industry. What these assholes don't seem to get is that outside the choir they constantly preach to, the rest of us just assume that they're up to no good. Anybody that obsessed with other people's private lives has skeletons in their closet; anyone that worried about gays getting married probably sneaks out on the weekends to suck off random passersby. It's no longer a surprise when one of these douchebags is caught with their pants down, banging the babysitter, banging their patients, their campaign assistants, random groupies, being on the DL, dying from autoerotic asphyxiation wearing a latex suit with a dildo stuck in their ass.

It's disgusting watching them make scads of money off of their morality, whether real or fake. Their message all along is that they don't care what everyone else thinks. The only thing that gets their attention is when we all decide to return the favor.

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