Saturday, May 30, 2015

Prince Shembo Needs to Do the Right Thing

In college, he got away with raping a coed, and having the muscle of Notre Dame behind him to slut-shame the poor girl into killing herself. (Yet another reason Notre Dame sucks and should burn to the ground, with everyone that harassed her in it.) Now Prince Shembo is finally being held accountable -- but for kicking his girlfriend's Yorkie to death.. Yes, a 6'2", 235# professional athlete decided to turn a six-pound purse dog into hamburger. Real tough guy there.

People like this are simply proof that the world has far too many goddamned people, who do nothing but take and consume and abuse and cause harm. They add no value to the world, they just take up space and oxygen and precious water. It might be something if once in a while, one of these useless humps sees themselves in a mirror and asks themselves why they bother, why they persist, why instead of seeking to quell their inner demons, they are content to inflict them on everyone around them.

Prince Shembo probably doesn't realize it or believe it, but his NFL career is over. The league has had enough bad press and stupid moves over the last year, and it doesn't need another shithead animal abuser hurting the brand. No team will touch this asshole, he's toxic. Ordinarily that might be enough punishment, but he's also got the blood of a nice girl on his hands, and gives far less than a fuck about her.

This is another one of those infinite cases where you wish Nature, in all her supposed wisdom, could maybe be a bit more selective about culling the fucktards from the herd.

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