Tuesday, November 03, 2015

What You Wish For

The maps and demographics don't lie, and it doesn't matter. Red-state rubes insist on voting against themselves, again and again, and you can never talk them out of it, because rebel-flag-y'all or whatever. So they get what they get, and maybe if enough of them die younger and dumber than they should have, enough of them will be left to finally sit up and take notice.

Or they can go down to the local snake-handler in their state-subsidized Rascals, gobble their gubmint pills, and repeat the chanted mumbo-jumbo. I'll be goddamned if I can find room to care anymore; I am only interested insofar as their pervasive stupidity doesn't infect the rest of the nation.


Brian M said...

Not that we are safe here, either. But I am a firm believer in a Bear Flag Republic secession movement.

Heywood J. said...

Oh yeah. California should have seceded decades ago. But then the grifting redneck states would have to find someone else to mooch from.

They are the useless brother-in-law that crashes on your couch for months, eating your food, drinking your beer, polluting your toilet, refusing to get a job, and constantly whining that your couch is lumpy, your beer is shit, and you don't have the porn channel package on your satellite. At some point you just say "fuck it" and look for another place to live, and hope they don't find you.