Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hack Attack

What do you think the odds are that Mark Halperin knows whether or not Drumpf uses bronzer on his shriveled old-man penis? I'd put some actual cash on that, podna!

Is this a serious question? How many different ways can we answer that?
  • Who does Halperin mean by "popular" and/or "qualified"? Newt Gingrich? Sarah Palin? Oh yeah, please pick either one of them. Bob Corker? Jeff Sessions? Establishment hacks. Hell, Sessions useta be a Democrat.
  • Anyone who is actually popular and/or qualified has enough career sense to stay clear of the listing Trumptanic.
  • Halperin is one of those idjits that needs a horserace to cover, so even if Clownstick picked one of the remedial kids (Rick Perry, Scott Walker), Halperin would do his damndest to spin it as an "inspired" choice.
  • This "change DC" meme. Specifics please. Drumpf's central thesis is that he's not of these people or their corrupt world (although baked into that thesis is the convenient brag that Drumpf used to rent said pols he despises). So how exactly do you "change" an entire culture that you proudly know nothing about?
  • Of course Drumpf will lean on the "Hillary=status quo" trope. HFC has already laid the groundwork to counter that argument, by improving on what currently exists.
  • Halperin probably believes quite sincerely that a genuinely popular, qualified veep pick would magically make everyone forget about the last year of toxicity, of Drumpf's forty years and counting of public buffoonery. Too late. Drumpf's constant in-your-grill media presence has now baked in the irreversible perception of a privileged, loudmouth moron. Yes, despite what Dilbert says on the matter, Drumpf's a toxic idiot, not a brilliant persuasive strategist.  #drunkonbarstool
  • Here's a counter-question:  What if -- and I'm just spitballin' here, so bear with me -- HFC also picks a "popular, qualified" running mate? Would that offset Drumpf's supposed veep boost? Would light matter and dark matter collide and explode and destroy the political universe? The possibilities are endless!
Also, too:  Can we just collectively agree to boycott MoDo, and maybe she'll finally be sent on her way? How the fuck do these people manage to stay gainfully employed?

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