Sunday, June 12, 2016

It Takes a Thief

From Clownstick's Twatter feed yesterday:

Cool story bro! Is that the same Don King who literally stomped a man to death on a fucking sidewalk back in the day? Sheeeiiit, between him and convicted rapist -- not racist, rapist -- Mike Tyson, you got the black vote nailed down, yo!

I would definitely encourage Drumpf to keep schlepping down this particular dirt road. See, a serious observer would realize that Drumpf is not truly a racist nor a sexist, despite the recent portrayals. Other humans are simply role-players in whatever scenario he happens to be in at the moment -- in the Dungeons & Dragons sense, they are simply NPCs.

In this light, Drumpf's travails with Judge Gonzalo Curiel become clearer. Despite Drumpf's plaints about building that fucking wall, Curiel's heritage really doesn't matter. He could be Irish or Polish or Swabian or Ruthenian -- the problem is that he disagrees with Drumpf's little real estate "university" scam, and as such is The Enemy. Curiel could be a sixth-generation "real" 'murkin of lily-white Yer-a-peein' heritage, and Drumpf would find something to complain about because Curiel is not buying the monorail. Individuals are meaningful only insofar as they heartily endorse the Clownstick ethos. Otherwise, regardless of race or ethnicity, they're something Clownstick scrapes off the bottom of his shoe.

I'm not going to claim to be locked into the "black community" as such, but I know this -- people are people, wherever you go, whatever they do to get through the day. If Drumpf wants to tout his main black endorsers -- King, Tyson, Dennis Rodman, the jive turkey bloggeristas Diamond and Silk -- let him. I promise you that no black person serious about getting ahead in this one life we're all given has more than half a fuck to give about what any of those people think about anything. In fact, most of them look at a thieving, murderous piece of shit like Don King and are embarrassed, not that they should be. King is no more representative of black people than, say, Meat Loaf or Gary Busey are representative of white people. (Wait, maybe those guys do represent a certain swath of Cracker Nation.)

When Clownstick gets an endorsement from a black person that isn't a sellout or a card-carrying shitbird, then we can be impressed.

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