Sunday, July 23, 2017

King for a Day, Fuckface for a Lifetime

Let's say it out loud for what must me the 1001st time:  this administration is an act of defiance. Its very existence, the tone of the entire campaign and candidate, the cult-like mentality of the hardcore followers -- these are all elements of an authoritarian movement that dares all comers to oppose.

 I am not kidding when I say that the vision statement of these people is Or what? What are you gonna fuckin' do about it, buddy? This is not a joke -- these assholes are dead serious, and they cannot be swayed. It is very much a cult, and it will take time and focus to deprogram at least some of them. That's if they don't take away your right to vote, which they are actively and openly striving to do.

Who's gonna stop 'em, Chuck Schumer? The fifty secretaries of state? Come on. There are plenty of ways to skin that particular cat, and they go on all the time. The touch-screen electronic machines in Georgia that still don't give a paper receipt. The four-hour lines in urban precincts, because durrr, we just didn't have enough functioning machines. Like fucking Election Day snuck up on them.

The fuck you gonna do about it, hoss, protest in the fuckin' streets? We'll wait you out. Weather changes, and everyone has lives to get back to. Ask the Occupy Wall Street folks how that all went.

Six months into this clusterfuck, and the best we can hope for is that this deeply stupid, arrogant egomaniac continues to simply be too incompetent to get anything done. That won't cure the disease(s) of dysfunction plaguing our system, but it might keep us afloat long enough to get to a point where some of those things can be addressed. I don't think so, but it doesn't hurt to hold out hope for the possibility, however remote.

What's happening now was entirely foreseeable to those who were paying attention, who knew this "man" for what he was long before he ever had political aspirations. The only surprises have been that he is even dumber, crueler, more of an insufferable prick than we thought (which was considerable). Every interview, whether reading the transcript or listening to the jabber, sounds like an episode of Drunk History. He takes a delight in publicly humiliating the underlings to an extent previously seen by, say, Caligula.

An example:  recently departed dipshit liar White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Now, to point out that Spicer is a worthless human being doing a useless job would be an understatement, but still, the man was loyal if nothing else. Literally from day one, when Agent Orange forced Spicey to truckle out there and convince us all that the barren inaugural attendance was like totally the mostest ever so STOP YOU GUYS, this guy carried some serious water like the most dutiful hack. And uh, rest assured that it was most definitely not water.

So Spicer is apparently a devout Catholic, and when Clownstick went abroad in May, including the Vatican on his itinerary, Spicer wanted simply to meet the pope. Considering the shit the man willingly shoveled for his spray-tanned overlord, this seemed like a modest request. And yet, no dice. Clownstick fucked Spicey over just because he could, just to remind him who's boss. Loyalty only goes one way with this fucking guy. He really is a rotted, desiccated soul. It's pitiful to watch.

One interesting phenomenon that began for me a couple months ago, and has only increased and accelerated since then, is that there's less a feeling of doom and gloom watching these putzes, and more of a frisson of....I dunno, part schadenfreude and part nihilist glee. As I always hasten to point out, this is what makes me a bad liberal or whatever -- I like when people get exactly what they voted for, and I especially love when dipshits get one broken off in their asses, hard.

When I say fuck these people, it is not schtick. I fucking well mean it. Their "working-class rage" means fuck-all to me -- I am working class as well, and just as pissed. But I had better sense than to throw it all into the lap of a skeevy con-man who has hung around like a fucking barnacle since the 1980s.

It turns out that the great Carrier deal -- remember, the guy owns fucking stock in the parent company -- wasn't all he sold it as back in December. The union rep said so at the time, and got death threats for his trouble. The jobs are going to Mexico, and guess what -- Preznit Fart of the Squeal can't cut a fucking deal to save his miserable life. Who knew? I mean, if only this intensely secretive man had interacted with the media a bit more, so that we could get, you know, a sense of his character, the cut of his (as they say in the hood) jib.

Oh, who the fuck are we kidding? People saw what they needed to see, heard what they wanted to hear, and the average attendance at a given Two Hours of Hate rally probably hadn't collectively read a single (non-ghost-written) book since they dropped out of tenth grade.

This is the most surprising feature of the whole thing, more than the stupidity and cruelty of the spray-tanned homunculus -- just how gullible the cult members really are. I mean, we are seriously not far removed from everyone packing up and heading for a South American jungle for the endgame, such is their pathetic buy-in with this assclown.

The cliché would be to compare him to a used-car salesman, or some such character. But this is insufficient -- even the dumbest, most unethical used-car salesman knows something about the vehicle he's selling. Yes, he oversells the features and lies through his teeth about the structural integrity of the lemon he's trying to sell you, but he knows some factual information about it.

This is not remotely the case here. The "health-care" fiasco is a prime example; not only is it a barely concealed tax cut, it is clear in interviews that Clownstick literally has no idea how the health insurance system even works. And why would he? He's gone to "Doctor" Lebowski his whole life, and someone else handles the bill, the insurance plan, the EOB, all that shit.

What everyone "resisting" this bowel movement of an administration needs to keep in mind is the act-of-defiance dynamic in play here, which permeates every single aspect of the organization, such as it is. It goes for the congressional Republicans as well. They are playing a tricky game, one that in a functional democracy would doom them, but in this country of ignorant fucktards will only dent the brand a bit.

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