Friday, July 28, 2017

Credit Where Due

So after verbally abusing our good friend Poor Ol' Straight Talk the other day, he goes and Does The Right Thing, and even does it in such a way as to screw over his erstwhile compadres. Good for him, and he even gets style points. I'm more than happy to admit when I'm wrong, especially about something that was done with such "fuck you" panache.

I keep saying that this regime is itself an act of defiance, a huge Or what? to all comers, and that the only sensible way to respond is in kind. Well, McCain just proved that theory. What's Yertle gonna do, fire McCain, screw him out of some pork?

McConnell twisted every arm he could, skirted every possible good-faith procedural measure he could, tried to sneak a blank piece of paper through in the middle of the night, and still couldn't get it done. He lost serious juice from this, and so did Clownstick. Nobody respects these mutts -- and worse, nobody fears them. It's too soon to get too optimistic, but this may actually be the beginning of the end already.

Kudos also to Susan Collins and especially to Lisa Murkowski, who has made a point of bucking her party since retaining office as a write-in against a teabagger insurgent in 2012. The Goopers tried to strong-arm Murkowski for her vote on this blank turd of a bill, and she stood up to them. Compare and contrast with the loathsome Huckleberry Closetcase, who made a point of trash-talking the bill before heading in and dutifully eating the shit sandwich.

Like McCain, Graham just got re-elected last year, and therefore has very little risk -- and potentially greater reward -- in sticking to his so-called principles and telling a rapidly imploding clusterfuck of a regime to go fuck themselves in the neck. He's so used to carrying their water [again, that's not water -- Ed.] it's just a habit at this point.

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