Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tweety Hearts Bobo

Both of them are welcome to kiss my entire ass, just as soon as they're finished stroking each other. Which may be a while, knowing those two.

Just to be extra-clear on this, considering whose knobs Bobo polishes daily for his allowance, Bobo lecturing anyone on "Stalinist discipline" is not terribly unlike (to paraphrase a currently vogue analogy) Barry Bonds lecturing the kids on why Rafael Palmeiro is a steroid-addled douchebag. Mister Pot, say hello to Mister Kettle.

You want to talk mindless Stalinist discipline, here ya go. Anyone who seriously refers to the severely retarded John "George Bush is a misunderstood genius" Assrocket as "talented", or defends the virtues of the Doughy Pantload and Jesse's Girl, has instantly and irrevocably abdicated any and all rights to serious debate. Might as well try to talk up the profound legal expertise of Ann Coulter.

Fuck, Bobo is such a tiresome, tendentious little shit, like the rest of the gutless, unprincipled assholes he rolls with. He and Tweety need to hook up in Cape Cod and just tie the knot, once and for all.

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