Monday, June 18, 2007

Kill 'em All

There's a reason I still favor capital punishment in principle:

A team of international investigators infiltrated an Internet chat room used by pedophiles who streamed live videos of children being raped, rescuing 31 children and identifying more than 700 suspects worldwide.


More than 15 children were found in Britain, Gamble said, declining to give further details. A Canadian official said authorities there arrested 24 Canadians and rescued seven Canadian children as part of the probe since late 2005.

Describing it as ``a massive leap forward,'' Gamble said the investigation involved agencies from 35 countries. Investigators made the case public after the sentencing of ringleader Timothy David Martyn Cox on Monday.

Cox, 27, was given an indeterminate jail sentence, meaning he will remain in prison until authorities decide he is no longer a threat to children. One of his accomplices, Gordon Mackintosh, has pleaded guilty to 27 charges of making, possessing and distributing indecent images and videos. He is awaiting sentencing.

Since the British judicial system won't apply the appropriate penalty and just put a fucking bullet into Cox' vile brain, one hopes that the description of the "indeterminate" sentence is merely euphemistic, that he can and will rot in some moldy concrete hellhole, broken and alone.

What's really interesting from the forensic investigation viewpoint is how sophisticated these fuckers are, and (presumably, since authorities didn't disclose specifics) brazen in abducting children. It's an impossibly dark, alien side at work there, one that can hardly be described as human, and thus gets quickly forgotten or discarded as something too abhorrent to be recognized as conspiratorial. But it was exactly that, what Cox and Mackintosh and their evil associates engaged in, a collaborative, secret effort, literally a worldwide network.

Someone made money from this shit, and it wasn't some douchebag living in a bedroom in his parents' house and working at the family microbrewery. Mackintosh is described as "a manager at a video streaming company owned by the Italian Internet company Tiscali", and you have to wonder how many more Mackintoshes and how many more Tiscalis there are, in places with less sophisticated or less scrupulous detective work, but the same level of access to the internets, and nastier organized crime groups. As human trafficking becomes a more recognized issue across Eastern Europe and Asia, the law enforcement tactics appear to be getting more and more refined, and hopefully the penalties are commensurate with the crimes as well. Fuck these bastards.


r@d@r said...

i hate to get all tinfoil-hatteristic, but considering what we know to be documented cases of pedophiles in the US government, particularly manning the wheels of the DHS machinery, and considering what we know of the "extraordinary rendition" apparatus that kidnaps citizens of other countries and spirits them away to the GWOT gulags.....i hope you see where i'm going with this.

Heywood J. said...

No, I see where you're going, and Jeff Wells at Rigorous Intuition has certianly compiled enough data over the years to make a pretty good case that, if activity is not being actively cultivated, it's at least being swept under the rug.

Names such as Lawrence King and Craig Spence mean nothing to the average person, but both were players in the Republican political organization in the '80s. One was suicided, and the other quietly did some serious time, while the few people that looked into his activities, as well as those of the Franklin Credit Union, were discouraged, sometimes with deadly results.

It does sound tinfoil-hatty, because it's supposed to. That provides a certain amount of cover, as does having a select cadre of sexual perverts under one's thumb. It's the ultimate advantage to have on someone.