Tuesday, August 11, 2009

....And the Horse You Rode In On

Oh, this is fuckin' rich. Mere hours pass after America's favorite crazy-ass ex-governor starts yammering some fever dream about "death panels" and shit, and she has the balls to call for moderation. That particular farm animal is long down the road, honey. You and your goober-rousing friends have taken what should have merely been a tedious dog-and-pony show to legitimize the Democrats' latest exercise in circular-firing-squad futility, and turned it into an ongoing series of town-hall putsches, punctuated by the addled bleats of ignorant goat-fuckers, mindlessly goaded into action by the most transparent scam this side of Nigerian royalty.

The more I see this crap, the more I resent it, but not because of its obvious lack of legitimacy as genuine grassroots activism, not because they resort to ever more vile tactics and rhetoric, not even because its participants are uniformly unencumbered by even basic facts. It's because if they had half a clue and a sense of proportion, they could be channeling that weird energy into at least a slightly more productive direction -- for example, menacing Goldman Sachs employees until they either give back the money they've stolen or jump out their office windows.

The world is crumbling around them, and they've allowed a scumbag HMO meat-puppet like Dick Armey to deploy a cyber-army of flying lobbyist monkeys, and bamboozle them into thinking that the most constructive thing they can do while they're indefinitely between jobs is to show up half-cocked to harass Arlen Specter with a misspelled swastika placard and a bunch of poorly remembered slogans and catchphrases. Chickens voting for Colonel Sanders indeed.

The health-care "plan" is surely an industry-written crock of shit, but not for the reasons these bozos think it is; indeed, if they were even close to being right, from the looks of most of them they would have been converted into soylent green for the FEMA concentration camps already. It's certainly their right as 'murkins to be losers and morons, and proud of same, but they've abandoned their last semblance of dignity in the process as they shamble toward their inevitable dream ticket of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.


Joe Blow said...

I make plenty of money and have always had employer supplied health insurance, including when I had to buy some for my own LLC.

But, health care costs in this country are fucked up. I was sick last year. really sick like in ICU dying sick. The list price on the bill was $153,785.25, for three weeks.

wtf? how could anyone pay that? how could they possibly charge that much?

well, the negotiated CIGNA cost was, I think, 17,452.25. My cost was zero. If I had had my old LLC insurance I would have been hosed.

Joe Blow said...

oh so my point was that its a scam. The health care providers charge 10x what a reasonable charge is and try and collect as much as they can.

People without insurance either have no money, or are forced into bankruptcy.

I think a NHS would do a fine job. at half the cost.

If we keep something like our current system, then ALL patients get charged the SAME amount.

Insurance companies get charged and all pay the same. Then they compete for the customer dollars on service and cost. They make money predicting illness and investing the premiums, NOT by denying claims.

Jason said...

This is a great site that you have here. You should be proud. I have a debate site myself and I would like to exchange links with you. We have to stick together. Let me know. Jason

Heywood J. said...


Thanks. Your site looks great. I'll put you up on the sidebar.

Heywood J. said...


When they get to the heart of why, say, an aspirin will run you $30-50 at a hospital, or how an outpatient visit to the ER can cost over five thousand dollars (as a close relative of mine found out a few weeks ago; she was in a car accident that totaled her car, went to the hospital to get checked out, no broken bones or serious injuries, out that evening, cost six grand), then we'll get some traction on this thing.

I suppose my main point (to the extent that I have one) on this issue is more about the number of people who show up to scream about the eeeevil gubmint wrecking their health care access, and most seem to either be on the gubmint dole already, or completely oblivious to the fact that faceless bureaucrats are already rationing health care and denying access for them and their loved ones. It's just amazing how such morons get rolled into acting against their own rational self-interest, again and again and again. They really do deserve what they get.

The rest of us who are making an honest effort to be at least sentient about all this are going to get screwed over by a bunch of loudmouths who don't know what the hell they're talking about.