Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Winamp Shuffle

Calling to You -- Robert Plant
Dun Ringill -- Jethro Tull
Flathead -- Fratellis
Longing for Fire -- Scorpions
Purgatory -- Iron Maiden
Wait -- Zo2
My Mathematical Mind -- Spoon
Fuck Her Gently -- Tenacious D
Day of the Eagle -- Robin Trower
Faultline -- Yngwie Malmsteen

Bonus: Cypress Grove -- Clutch


The Vile Scribbler said...

Joe Beats - "Slivers"
Populous - "Bottom 02"
Eels - "Jungle Telegraph"
Cinderella - "The Last Mile"
Glen Porter - "Forgive Me Pt. 1"
Omid - "Sound of the Sitar"
Mr. Cooper - "Nine"
Rob Crow - "Chucked"
The Wildhearts - "The Revolution Will Be Televised"
Dabrye - "How Many Times (With This)"

Hmm. Heavy on the instrumental hip-hop/electronica this time. I have added a shitload of it the last few months. Hey, did you know Clutch just came out with a new one a few weeks ago?

Yes, I've got some Cinderella in my collection. I'm not ashamed! Honestly, I always felt they were basically just a blues-rock band that went along with the ubiquitous style of the MTV generation. A decade earlier, and they might have been taken seriously and had some longevity. That song in particular will always be special to me: I was watching the video on MTV one day in the living room, and my mom poked her head in, listened to Tom Keifer's voice, and said, "We're getting you a tv in your room." Thanks, Tom!

Heywood J. said...

Ha, I did a double-take on the Cinderella there. I've been listening to a fair amount of hair metal lately, and thinking of a mini-list of some of the more unfairly maligned bands from that era. Cinderella was kind of in the middle of the pack, solid blues-rock sound, but I never could stand Tom Keifer's voice. I can see where it might convince parents to kick down for an extra tv. Good deal.

The Vile Scribbler said...

thinking of a mini-list of some of the more unfairly maligned bands from that era.

Well, that sounds like something that needs to turn into a post itself. I haven't read much about hair bands since Metal Sludge turned into a shit site after Stevie Rachelle came out as the brains behind the operation and fired whoever he had doing most of the writing.