Tuesday, August 25, 2009


"I'm not sure you can get AIDS by burning down your house, but I get your point." -- Sen. J. Billington Bulworth, D-CA

"It's morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money." -- W.C. Fields

Sigh. The problem is not that Glenn Beck might be a "traitor" or a "racist", the problem is that getting political commentary from him is about as bright as getting medical advice from a randomly picked reality-show contestant, or financial advice from someone who sleeps under a bridge. The problem is that Beck merely ventriloquizes the ignorant rage of a certain swath of people, many of whom actually have good reason to be angry, but never seem quite able to point it in a coherent direction.

Giving voice to proudly moronic boobism is an ancient and profitable American pastime, but organizing against it whilst the coffers are being looted by government-associated goons is like sending the SWAT team to bust a stumblebum juggling lemons, while the bank down the street is getting robbed. There's a practically infinite supply of metaphors and similes for this scenario -- oh, and the health care system's still a joke and the economy still sucks, and Saint Barry ain't fixin' either one. But by gawd Geico's been put on notice.

The problem is that one side's brilliant idea of political action is to strap on an AR-15 for a health-care rally, and the other side's is to boycott Whole Foods and Glenn Beck. Might as well market Bill O'Reilly toilet paper while they're at it.


Grace Nearing said...

or financial advice from someone who sleeps under a bridge.

Or Jim Cramer. [Sorry. Really cheap, I know.]

Heywood J. said...

No, that was perfect. Wish I'd thought of it, but it probably would have caused anaphylactic shock.

Susan said...

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