Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Balls to the Wall

You almost have to admire the stones on this asshole:

Tim Profitt, the former Rand Paul volunteer who stepped on the head of a activist outside of a debate on Monday, said he thinks the woman, Lauren Valle, owes him an apology.

"I don't think it's that big of a deal," Profitt said of the incident in an interview with CBS affiliate WKYT. "I would like for her to apologize to me to be honest with you."

Profitt, a Rand Paul supporter who used to serve as a campaign coordinator for the Kentucky Senate hopeful's campaign, was caught on video on Monday stepping on Valle's head after she had been wrestled to the ground. Valle had been trying to offer a satiric award to the candidate.

Profitt goes on to describe how Valle instigated the entire thing, as if holding up a sign gives Profitt and his fellow brownshirts the right to stomp her into the sidewalk. It's as if he doesn't realize the whole thing was caught on video.

In lieu of an apology, Profitt may have to settle for a lawsuit and criminal charges. And maybe Valle should consider carrying pepper spray, or traveling with a group of friends or something, before one of these freaks actually does some damage.

In general, this seems unfortunately somewhat representative of the high-flown vitriol these losers engage in, the logical conclusion of constantly steeping in abusive levels of sheer ignorance.

I don't typically watch Olbermann or Maddow, but last night did happen to catch the latter as she traveled to Alaska to interview the three Senate candidates. She had no trouble catching Scott McAdams and Lisa Murkowski, seeing as how they both trail Security Goon Joe Miller in the polls and could use the publicity. However, Maddow's quest to interview Miller took on a strangely Roger & Me-like vibe, playing phone tag with aides, trying to schedule five minutes of facetime, culminating in a brief but revealing waste of time with Miller.

Anyhoo, perhaps the most telling part of this sojourn was Maddow attempting to engage with a street-corner gathering of Miller supporters. She asks the first guy a perfectly reasonable question, to wit, why does he support Miller? Welp, the yob replies, Miller will protect my gun rights, because "Eric Holder is the most anti-gun AG America has ever had". Sensing an opportunity to drill down into the goober's intellectual sludge, Maddow begins asking him what, precisely, Holder has done or said that makes him so anti-gun.

After several iterations of "I have no fucking clue what I'm talking about, but I believe in it enough to waste my time on a fucking street-corner instead of doing something productive with my waste of a life" answers from this halfwit, Maddow gives up and goes to the next one, a middle-aged woman who repeated the yob's gibbering catechism about Herr Holder's impending threat to forcibly confiscate y'alls gun safes, right down to the complete inability to cite even one (1) actual example of this perfidy.

Anecdotal as this is, surely we have seen enough anecdotes in enough states, nationwide clusters of seething fucktards who have seen just enough Glenn Beck to get their panties in a wad, without knowing or being able to artiiculate exactly why. Surely "the most anti-gun AG this country has ever had" would provide an abundance of ready evidence for the enterprising protester, much less just one even half-assed example.

Yet these people were clearly using their whole asses. Miller will no doubt win, as most likely will Sharron "Black football jerseys make the baby Jesus cry!" Angle, and several other goofballs from this seemingly endless clown car. Hell, if Delaware was bigger than my left nut, even former wannabe-Wiccan (and full-time dingbat) Christine O'Donnell would probably be giving charisma-free Chris Coons a run for his money.

Back during the comparatively bucolic Cheney regime, I mused often about what sore winners they and their supporters were. It goes double for this year's model of shitbird; these brainless fuckers will simply be emboldened by any victory, no matter how puling, granting themselves the right to violence when someone confronts them with disagreeable ideas -- or, infinitely worse -- facts.

Of course, a primary culprit is Duh Media, with its clearly vested interest (especially in the wake of the awesome Citizens United SCROTUS ruling) in ginning up a pro wrestling match every electoral season. They've given these morons so much fucking airtime, they've legitimized them to substantial swaths of other morons, who are right to be angry, but scattershot in their focus and intellectual honesty. It was ever thus, obviously, but usually not with so much moron empowerment.

It is some small consolation that, in the long run, these are the people who will be spending their retirement living on cat food (if not actual cats), but again, they won't be happy until they drag the rest of the country down to their level, pin them to the sidewalk, and stand on their shoulder. Like we always say, maybe Darwin was wrong after all.

These people are despicable, not because I disagree with them, not even because they don't know what they're talking about most of the time, but because they are intellectually dishonest -- willfully, deliberately so -- and worse yet, they have no reservations about resorting to violence when they don't get their way or someone openly disagrees with them. If Duh Peepul want government by temper tantrum, then these are your folk. Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dr. Floyd.

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The Vile Scribbler said...

Like we always say, maybe Darwin was wrong after all.

Ah, but from a strictly scientific perspective, evolution only means adaptation, not progressivism. Therefore, if you're surrounded by dumbfucks, it increases your chances of survival and finding a dumbfuck mate to have dumbfuck kids with if you're a dumbfuck yourself. It's all about the lowest common denominator with evolution. Which makes it even more ironic that the people who go by the misnomer of Social Darwinists use it to justify their belief in themselves as constituting the heroic biological/cultural avant-garde.

(I know you know this, I'm just riffing on the joke. Maybe another one would be to say that these people could make Darwin turn back to religion!)