Monday, October 18, 2010

The Roof Is On Fire

Enough is enough -- I think it's high time I gave a shout out to my homiez in Cell Block Tea, the grass-roots populist movement that just happens to be supporting only Republican candidates. Their slate of lying dingbats, racist morons, and fascist scumbags is exactly what they want, need, and most importantly, deserve. Vote 'em in, early and often, see what you get.

As for the rest of the country, being forced to deal with their fallout? Fuck 'em. Yes, some people will valiantly schlep to the polls, and do their duty to at least try to hold back the impending tide of teabag stupid. But the fact is, the majority of people will not bother even to show up and vote, because, well, I don't fuckin' know why. On the one hand, I agree with Pete Townshend that not voting is just as political of an act as voting; on the other hand, knowing the average douchebag, the disaffected apathy reeks of laziness and intellectual poverty, not deliberate intent and intellectual integrity (a concept which has never occurred to the fucktard teabaggers).

It seems that the people who have the most to lose are the most enamored of these screeching assholes. I say let 'em have their way, and when they're denied medical coverage, their local support programs are eviscerated, and they're living on fucking cat food, they can look in the mirror and congratulate themselves for their fine work.

Putting in More 'n' Better Democrats has achieved perhaps a different flavor of gutless incrementalism, but naught else. They seem content to finish what Fredo started, and snivel and cringe at the emasculating japes lobbed by the ballbusting, dried-up teabag shrews. Both parties are the butt-slaves to corrupt bankers and thieving rentier capitalists who, if we had any guts, would have been gibbeted and guillotined in the town square by now. It is a corrupt edifice, and perhaps burning it down, if people are hellbent in voting directly against their own rational self-interest, is in order.

We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn.


SeƱor Tripp said...

A-fucking-men. If we're going off the cliff, let's make it a high one, with broken rocks and starving wolves and molten lava at the bottom. Let's DO this thing.

Michael said...

I don't want to agree with you , but I do.

Yes, I'll hold my nose and go vote for my Blue Dog scumbag Dem on Tuesday, only because his opponent, a quarterwit former right tackle who used to lose a battle of wits with Michael Strahan, FFS, is even deeper in the loony bin then he is.