Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Bullies, of course, are much in the "news" these days, as if they suddenly cropped up of a nonce, and had not always been there. Perhaps they are there in school to prepare you for the more institutional bullies you face through life, in the various guises of bureaucratic administrations -- teachers, friends, enemies, bosses, co-workers, politicians promising "change" every so often whilst they yank your dick and coddle the rentiers. We've all observed and/or dealt with them at one point or another, with varying levels of success. One thing is for sure -- asshole kids come from asshole parents. You can bank on it every time.

Every once in a while, though, an especially vicious subset crops up, so gleefully cruel, so overwhelmingly more powerful than their target, that you find yourself wishing for a murderous home invasion, or a one-home radius natural gas explosion, or a nice shoulder-launched Katyusha to dispense with the problem.

'I’m not proud of myself because this went from a neighbourhood dispute to a huge thing.'

Heh-indeedy. No, this motherless fuck isn't mortified because she suddenly realized that she was taunting and harassing a seven-year-old who is in the midst of a very nasty, grueling fate. She's bummed because the rest of the planet found out what a truly horrible person she is. I honestly cannot even imagine what sort of person does this shit. It's a scant step above child molestation or animal torture; it is the strong preying on the very weakest and most vulnerable, not for food, but for the sport of it.

Over a fucking bouncy-house. Seriously.

‘My husband is a good person and I hope he doesn’t lose his job. I hope our family doesn’t lose his job. I’m the bad person,’ said Mrs Petkov.

‘I feel horrible for what I’ve said and done. That little girl shouldn’t have had to lose her mum like that and she shouldn’t have to lose her life either. I just hope she didn’t see those pictures.’

Fuck that. Scott Petkov (or Petrov, the article really can't seem to decide which) refers to his wife's "brutal honesty" that the neighbors can't handle. Like she's Richard Pryor or something, man, and your phony bourgeois bullshit can't handle how real she is, with her Photoshopping and spray-camo-painting the Deathmobile. In your face, plastic exurbia!

I hope he gets his ass fired, just for having such a cunt wife and putting up with her bullshit. Grow a fucking pair, and put your psycho cow into her proper place, sporto. I hope she gets fired as well, if in fact she has a goddamned job. I can't imagine anyone hiring her for anything now. I hope they lose their house, their car, their dog, their Facebook page. I hope their kids realize what cocksuckers their parents really are.

Honestly, I am just flummoxed at how human beings can turn into whatever the fuck Jennifer and Scott Petkov are. It's just incomprehensible, how someone can get so butthurt over a perceived birthday-party snub that they devote themselves to tormenting the family of a dying child. What the hell is wrong with these people?

There is a point where you have to wonder how people can be so irredeemably vile and still live with themselves (or each other). This is well beyond that point.


Sharkbabe said...

I hadn't seen this, and holy motherfucking koresh jesus.

EVERYTHING you said.

Bob Hopeless said...

Really nothing to add, but glad you noted this story. I actually felt sick reading that shit.