Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rebel Rebel

Just a reminder that, as far as which side to take in the Syrian civil war, that we don't know what we're doing, and aren't going to know. It's assholes versus monsters, and if your only response is "whatever keeps gas prices lower" then you're merely an accomplice.

And of course Syria is not a big oil country, but their major benefactor, Iran, is. They'd love nothing more than to lure us into some bullshit proxy war in the Syrian desert, watch us chase our tails for another decade or so. If we want to do something about this, about petrocratic dictators and theocratic bastards, then support alternative energy. Stop bitching about Solyndra and support ten more Solyndras, and wind farms, and anything else (short of pumping chemicals into aquifers and undermining substrata) that minimizes the guzzling of oil.

The best way to defeat desert despots and Islamist thugs murdering children for no goddamned reason at all is to simply starve them, make it so you no longer need to buy the one thing of value they produce.


Heywood J. said...

Sure, you can't run internal combustion engines on wind or solar power, but you can run buildings and residences, and opt to drive less, and buy local food instead of something that was hauled 1,500 miles, etc.

I don't think we can completely eliminate dependence on fossil fuels, but the thing is that no one even tries. It doesn't even get brought up as an idea anymore.

Sean Riley said...

Remember all that talk a few years back about "peak oil"? Wait another decade or so and, barring another big jump in production, it'll pop up again. Or, not.