Saturday, June 20, 2015

Carthago Delenda Est

"The past is never dead. It's not even past." -- William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun
"Y'all are raping our women and taking over our country. This must be done." -- Dylann Storm Roof

There is some sort of twisted irony that bowl-haircutted domestic terrorist Dylann Stormfront Roof, who shot up a church full of Christiansblack people, is about to find out what the racial demographic is in gen-pop. Good luck, shitbird. I don't make jokes about dropping the soap, because this nation's penitentiary system is a nasty disgrace of privatized enslavement and institutionalized sadism. But there are some people whom you just can't muster sympathy for, and this is one of them.

More interesting is how this is yet another of those inane pretend "national discussions" that are supposed to cut 'murka's perceptions about race in sharp relief, yet do anything but in practice. It does provide small respite from the endless jabber about Rachel Dolezal, a woman who clearly has some issues about identity but is essentially a harmless goofball.

I have trouble finding an opinion about a seemingly misguided white person pretending to be black, it's about as pressing an issue as the countless suburban cracker mooks trying to up their puny game. They grow out of it when they either have to get a job, or get tired of people laughing at them instead of with them. Sooner or later Dolezal would have encountered an actual black person who, rather than giving her funny, inquisitive looks, asked her point-blank what the fuck she thought she was pulling. Still and all, as I said, dopey and harmless. But you would have thought by the verbal kerfuffle that it Meant Something.

This is how we pretend to talk to each other about race, primarily because the southern states understand the issue differently, as they have never and perhaps will never get over having their asses sorely kicked in the Woah of Nawthun Aggresshun. So they pretend that their worthless, traitorous rag is a profound statement of "heritage" rather than hate or racism. On that, as Ta-Nehisi Coates wisely points out, we agree -- but it's a heritage of plunder, torture, mayhem, rape, murder, cruelty.

So fuck Huckleberry Closetcase and the horse he rode in on, and the heritage of institutionalized theft and misery he takes such pride in. It's not that much of a wonder that assholes like Roof germinate and take root in the polluted soil of the south, with its monuments and highways and cities dedicated to the people who fought and died for the right to enslave and terrorize other human beings, to treat them literally as pieces of property, to be divided, sold, or discarded at will.

It's the most cowardly, chickenshit thing to pretend that Roof set out to murder Christians, when Roof himself said he set out to murder black people. He made no bones about it. But we live in a society where a bunch of biker gangs can shoot up Waco, kill close to a dozen people, and people just go, "huh, that sucks," but when people in Baltimore riot because they have no other recourse, and burn down a drugstore and torch a few cars -- but kill no one -- it's an endless litany about what "thugs" those people are.

(And, as a parallel side note, the Waco shootout may turn out to be a serious over-reaction by our paramilitarized law enforcement. But the fact is, as the known facts lay immediately after the incident last month, the chatter revolved largely around romanticizing the "outlaw" mentality of the bikers, who are rugged individualists in comparison to the "thug" outlaws in the inner cities. It's as if they're never heard of or read Hunter S. Thompson.)

Already Roof is being characterized as mentally ill, or a drug addict, or both. And perhaps he is. (In which case maybe Roof's father ought to be charged as an accessory, seeing as how he saw fit to give the little prick a fucking .45 handgun for his birthday in April, just weeks after getting busted for drugs and trespassing.) But maybe he really just hates black people, because he's been raised and steeped in a bullshit "culture" that still goes out of its way to find ways to relegate non-whites, to reframe an epic struggle that sundered a nation, whose combatants were abundantly clear about what precisely they were fighting to preserve.

I have completely run out of fucks to give about these people. Fuck them, fuck their stupid two-ply flag, fuck their bullshit rationalizations for systemic theft and brutality, fuck their heritage. There are like ten backwater welfare states that continue to resist common sense. It is time for the rest of the country and the world to stop coddling them. We need to find the graves of everyone from Jefferson Davis to Pitchfork Ben Tillman and Lester Maddox, take a collective dump on them, burn a traitor flag on the shit, and piss out the embers.

A boycott would definitely get through to them, something along the lines of "take your flag down or we stop coming to Myrtle Beach". The games of shitholes like Missuhsippuh refusing to ratify the 13th Amendment need to be done with. Playtime is over.

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