Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Golden Rule

So it looks like Emperor Bloomberg is testing the waters now (via No More Mister Nice Blog). The money paragraph (bearing in mind that this is from a Bloomberg media site) is here:

The former New York City mayor seems like the perfect solution for Wall Street's problems with the current field of presidential candidates. The Street sees him as a centrist technocrat who adeptly managed one of the most complex cities in the world. They think he understands the global business community.

You could just about FJM every syllable in that paragraph, but what it all boils down to is this: Only a man who made billions from finger-banging spreadsheets and sending American jobs to third world countries can possibly understand the sheer anguish that is endured by other men who finger-bang spreadsheets and send American jobs to third world countries. It's a complicated political recursion, you see.

Where did these people come so untethered from reality that they seem to genuinely think that completely unfettered, unencumbered hyper-capitalism is the only true path to prosperity for all? The events of the last decade have clearly shown that that is not remotely true; such an arrangement promises only wealth for the oligarchy running the perpetual-motion machine scamming the rubes out of their hard-earned pittance. All the wealth generated goes to the top 1% (or smaller). The math does not lie, only the people do.

So what would "Wall Street's problems with the current field of presidential candidates" consist of, that they don't genuflect quite enough? What the fuck do they want, blowjobs to completion on the steps of the NYSE? Isn't that what CNBC is for?

"They think he understands the global business community." Yeah, run that one through Google Translate into Lower Middle Bullshit and see what you come out with. I would almost respect these shameless bastards more if they just flat-out said, "We don't have enough money. We will never have enough fucking money. You might as well resign yourself to that fate. It is our expectation that American politicians will deliver for us, first and only, alpha and omega, with the understanding that if we are in the mood, we might share a crumb with the proletariat. Otherwise, have a nice bowl of go fuck yourself."

We see what "understand[ing] the global business community" really means -- more of the same, and to a greater degree. The idea that these shameless spreadsheet diddlers have been challenged whatsoever in their unholy pursuit of filthy pelf is one of the more remarkable conspiracy theories, right up there with lizard men and such like. These motherless fucks already run the entire world to their own benefit, and it's still not enough. Keep that in mind whenever you trudge to the so-called ballot box, even in a midterm.

Realistically, Bloomberg has to know that there are giant sections of the US that will not vote for him simply because he's a J-O-O. Ugly but true, and Bloomberg is a lot of things, but he's not an idiot. It's just as likely that he's testing the waters on NY governor, as Andy Cuomo is likely to be a veep contender.

As for the idea that Wall Street might have issues with Jeb Bush, give me a fucking break. He'd be even easier for them to control than Hillary. The thing that is always most disgusting is that most people get what's going on and vote for their approved "choices" anyway.

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