Saturday, June 06, 2015

Dipshits On Parade

Is the Westburble Batshit Cult still a thing, and how many of these inbred assholes could there possibly be since Crazy Grampa shuffled off to the lowest ring of hell?

It's too bad they probably don't pay much attention to the internets, because as polarized as America is on most issues, aside from ISIS and child rapists, we're pretty much all in agreement on the WBC. There can't be much reward in being part of a dopey club with a couple dozen members, whose main activity is pissing on the graves of combat veterans, and thus is reviled by literally everyone else.

Even people who hate Joe Biden despise the WBC way more. They're a bunch of idiot cocksuckers; their patriarch is smoking Satan's pole and getting spit-roasted (in the porn sense) by his dark minions for all eternity. If they had any goddamned self-respect they'd pull a fucking Jonestown already. No one would miss them, and they'd get their fondest wish -- to meet their "creator", a being who apparently had nothing better to do but shit out cretins, spiteful morons who literally do nothing but defile their fellow citizens, people who have more guts and integrity in every atom of their being than the entire WBC could ever dream about.

It's just a shame no one's convinced them to do the right thing yet. In the meantime, we'll all say a silent prayer that at the next vet funeral they picket, some of the bikers who help block their view finally lose their shit and go on a rampage.

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