Thursday, June 08, 2017

It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Fitzmas

As most people knew ahead of time, by now you've seen that there wasn't a whole lot to the Comey hearing today, other than the continued pattern of certain senators making fools out of themselves, selling out their country for a buffoon. But that may not be the catalyzing incident necessary to finish off these freaks. (Then again, Seth Abramson seems to believe that the gun isn't just smoking, but is white hot.)

That doesn't mean nothing will come of what transpired today -- in fact, if Bob Mueller is on this as much as he is reliably rumored to be, it could eventually be the beginning of the end of this fucktarded regime and its unconscionable figurehead. Comey definitely gave Mueller a lot to work with, but it will be a patient build, plank by plank. It will not sit well with the ADHD cable news assholes and their audiences, but it's the way it needs to happen for it to sink in to the thus-far unflappable base.

This is at heart a clash of two defining traits:  Comey's insufferable rectitude and Clownstick's Nixonian belief that by definition, the executive cannot do anything illegal.  Either Comey or Clownstick is lying, and that's all there is to it.

Even after all's said and done, it's still entirely possible that nothing significant happens. The Republican majority in both houses will drag their collective feet until the bitter end. They are too tied up with this asshole now. They will not turn on him until he's bad for business, until his antics and stupidity threaten their electoral future.

That may happen as soon as June 20th, if Jon Ossoff manages to defeat lifelong Gooper hack Karen Handel in Georgia's Sixth Congressional District, former nest of blowjob fan Newt Gingrich and most recently of inside trader Tom Price. If the Democratic Party have any brains left in their organization -- a highly debatable proposition at best -- they will dump as much money and name endorsements into that effort as they can muster.

They should be organizing a benefit concert and begging Barry O to emcee it. They should be shaking down Lloyd Blankfein and Mike Bloomberg for cash money. This is a chance not only to gain momentum to turn the electoral tide, but to strike genuine fear into the hearts of assholes.

In the meantime, Clownstick's poll ratings continue to swirl the drain, and he is incapable of doing anything to reverse that trend. The best he can hope for already happened -- make an international trip, minimize the fuck-ups, and hope for approval ratings to level off. It temporarily stopped the bleeding, but the holiday recess is over and the alligators are back on his fat ass.

That and it's being forecast to be a relatively heavy hurricane season, and neither FEMA nor NOAA have directors. I hope I'm wrong, but I predicted months ago, that it would be a black-swan event -- particularly a natural disaster -- that would provide one of the final straws to this sad joke of an administration.

Or maybe he steps on his dick in an area where we have thousands of troops deployed and have a yuge arms deal in the works. It should be tattooed on the foreheads of everyone who supported Clownstick from the outset, and everyone who came around once it became politically convenient:  This guy fucks up everything he touches. It might as well be the fourth law of thermodynamics, as sure as an axiom of universal physical law as one can imagine.

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