Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I Moved On Her Like a Bitch

Let's play devil's advocate and say that the US purchasing Greenland has the potential to be the next Alaska -- it apparently is rich with rare earth minerals, and there is an Australian mining company already there, doing what mining companies do. And we did think about doing it previously, way back in 1946. Obviously, there are other strategic and military-basing considerations as well. We may not agree with the basic premises of plundering more minerals out of a groaning planet, or of expanding military response capacity past an already exceptionally high level, but in those contexts, it's not the worst idea.

But here, for the millionth time, is a clear example of how Captain Crybaby smashes his World's Greatest Negotiator mug once again. See, a normal head of state would use his diplomatic corps to reach out to their Danish counterparts, send feelers up the comms channel to determine the feasibility of the idea, and how open they would be to it.

Most things have a price, and sometimes they don't, and you just accept it and move on to the next thing. You do it on a good note so that maybe an opportunity arrives where you can circle back and give it another shot. But that's it. We never should have heard a word about any of this. It should just have been a quiet conversation between friends, a question asked and answered, and both parties going on about their business.

Trump's response to Danish PM Mette Fredriksen's understated "absurd" comment is, of course, the response of every privileged rich white boy who's had a girl reject his advances. This is a species that is used to having their every stupid whim indulged and fawned over. They do not get told no, so when it happens, they get weird.

So since Trump can't just rape Fredriksen in a department store dressing room to temporarily expiate his terminal inferiority complex, he now has to compound the problem by abruptly cancelling a state visit and giving the Danish a hard time about their NATO financial commitments. (Once again, bearing in mind that NATO "membership" is not like being a member at one of Trump's rat-and-roach-infested dumps. The money does not go to Trump, nor to the US, nor even to NATO.)

Here is where it bears repeating to all of our wonderful European friends and allies, who are being repeatedly shat upon by this bitter old man, this boiled ham soaked in gravy with a piss-colored bird nest stuck on it:  people treat you how you let them treat you. That is, if you choose to respond with subtlety and grace, but not actually do or say anything of substance, he'll just do it again and again.

After all, he's never really been given any reason not to be an asshole. Think about it. The guy's a fucking moron, and a disgraceful excuse for a human being on every level, and he's never had to experience any sort of accountability or consequences for any of it, ever. Seriously, why should he change, if everyone else just lets him get away with his behavior anyway? For Trump's entire miserable life, everyone he's fucked over or been an asshole to has just shrugged their shoulders and said whaddaya gonna do?, and then done exactly nothing about any of it. Of course he won't change, there's never been a reason for him to change.

Maybe the European NATO countries should consider forming their own defense alliance, without us and our weird bullshit. Even if we come to our senses and flush this turd next year, it means nothing if #MoscowMitch still runs the Senate (or is even still in the Senate; he had no problem fucking Obama up from a minority-leader position). Even if the Democrats take over the executive branch and both houses of Congress, the pendulum is swinging faster and faster, the rubes are seething, and the psychotic billionaires who own this country are dedicated to stoking the herrenvolk into a full-blown civil war, if it gets them just one more percent knocked off their tax rate.

So no matter what happens next year, we'll be back here in 2024 or 2028. Trump will probably have waddled off to whichever circle of hell has Burger King, and someone smarter and slicker will be in place, without the clown outfit and the idiot ass-kissers. The climate will be worse, and Greenland will start looking more and more like a great place to move.

In the meantime, here's hoping that Denmark -- and they're welcoming PRESIDENT OBAMA next month, so that should be fun to watch Fatboy's Twitter tears -- makes a real statement in response. Cancel the state visit permanently, and say so straight up. We don't have anything to meet about. Let's not waste each other's time. PNG the US Ambassador to Denmark, a Q-adjacent Z-list actress who has no business doing what she's doing. Stand up for yourselves and punch the bully back, or he'll be coming for your lunch money again.

Nothing will change until bad behavior has real consequences. Complaining does not equate accountability. How can we hold this fucker accountable, once and for all?

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