Sunday, August 11, 2019

Like a....Two-Ton....Heavy Thing

Seems like some of the farmers are starting to get the hint here, you guys, that Orange Foolius might actually not be the bidness genius he keeps saying he is. It shouldn't take long for them to get dialed in on this good and hard -- farmers have to be smart and adaptive to circumstances, or they'll be finding another vocation before long. They know this guy's an empty burlap sack, they just can't admit it out loud yet.

And now that they're constantly reminded that they're only afloat by the good grace of our filthy sodomite subsidies (which is what you call welfare when it's going to white people), it's going to gnaw at them a bit more, especially since the bailout money is barely spackling the cracks. They're not getting ahead, and all those coastal elite faggot libturds they thought they were pwning are doing just fine.

They had to include a hard-head just for "balance," but we all know where this boat lets off:

Mike Knipper, a grain farmer from Iowa who likes some of Trump’s policies and dislikes others, said that most farmers in his community are Trump supporters who will continue to support him through the trade war.

“It doesn’t matter who is president. People like Trump and will support him, and few will change their ideas,” he said.

“Everyone’s willing to see this through, and those government subsidy checks might help them get by for another year.”

Okay, this is some industrial-strength, window-licking, up-to-the-third-knuckle nose-picking dose of stupid right there. It doesn’t matter who is president. Sure, except for the small fact that literally nobody else, no other candidate in 2016 or 2020 or any other year, would have led with starting a pointless, unwinnable trade war with China, and set it on the backs of small farmers, who are never more than a bad harvest or two away from financial trouble.

So maybe not every farmer is smart. That last chump seems determined to disprove the rule of thumb. See if them welfare subsidy checks get him across the line that exists only in his mind. What makes him think "another year" will do the trick? Does he really think that Almighty Trump has the sneaky Chinee right where he wants them or something, that "another year" of carefully applied pressure will cause them to buckle? Does he think that the specially trained trade aikido emanating from Dear Leader's tiny, tiny hands will eventually force Xi Jinping to his knees or something?

Perhaps this is the fundamental problem with the weird, teleological belief that people who work mostly with their hands are somehow more innately "wise" about everything, instead of (like most of us, hopefully) merely being competent or good at what they do. I don't think Mike Knipper has any concept of taking the "helicopter view" of how this trade war plays out, or the fact that his role is merely that of a pawn that unfortunately gets sacrificed so that the king doesn't get his flank exposed.

Some of these guys clearly haven't thought about any of this beyond just the base level of their own individual involvement in it. They don't know that while China still needs us, that becomes less and less so as time goes by, because while we have been schizophrenically veering between putting dick-swinging idiots and pusillanimous idealists in office, China has steadily been using the ancient art of checkbook diplomacy to cultivate new markets for themselves, slowly but surely cutting us out, preparing for a time that is rapidly approaching, when they have the number-one economy and we are trying to keep up by running in place faster and faster.

I don't want to bother with much in the way of excessive name-calling or I-told-you-so stuff with these folks. Either they get on the bus or they get run over, or they re-elect this asshole out of spite and get what's coming. What might help just a little in the way of sanity, though, since they are in many respects voting out of sheer spite, is to remind them that when the country eats shit because of this fucking clown, the real 'murkins are getting the biggest slice of that particular pie, and they get to eat first. It's not really even working for them on that basic level of spite that they were hoping for.

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