Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Exercise In Futility

It's not that Bush gets caught saying "shit" (and showing that he understands the word "irony" like he understands the word "dissemble") to his faithful dog Spot Blair, in the midst of wolfing down a roll. It's not even Rubya's impromptu massage, made all the creepier becuase Angela Merkel was having a conversation with another leader of a world power, Italian PM Romano Prodi. (Unfortunately, the cameras didn't catch the handjob Bush gave Prodi.)

It's his whole fucking performance in Rostock and St. Petersburg, every bit the ugly American, every moment putting his worst foot forward and making us all look like rubes who travel just to see if the Russian Mickey D's sell Quarter Pounders. It's the fact that the world is blowing up all around him (and all of us) and he acts like an idiot at a country club. Does he understand that there are cameras and microphones at these things?

And I thought there might be some remote chance that maybe one honest conservatard fuck-nozzle out there might have the goddamned intellectual honesty to once, just once, be chastened by the public buffoonery of this clown.

Yeah, right.

The usual useful idiots are all a twitter, but if one looks closely at the video, you'll find that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is actually smiling at the very end. What was perhaps a fond exchange, perhaps a bit of a jest (maybe Bush told her to lighten up, given her previously tense look) who knows. Unfortunately, some are trying to turn it into something it obviously wasn't - something we might have expected from Bill Clinton, perhaps? Interesting, I thought the Left didn't have any problem with that?

You know, a couple small things occur to me right off the bat:
  • When you lamely name your blog after yourself as a play on the "real" world, you undermine your entire motif by pathetically trying to invent excuses for what the whole fucking world saw. I mean really, asswipe, just have enough guts to admit it for once. In the "real" world, this man is an absolute dunce, truly a fourth-rate intellect without a clue about any of it. You wouldn't hire him to do anything more complicated than cleaning your gutters, and if you did, disappointment would be a certainty.

  • As someone pointed out in numbnuts' comments, you'd be pissed if someone walked up and did this to your wife or mother, and hey, if you're feeling lucky, try it on a co-worker.

  • Can a functional vegetable be a self-described "carnivorous conservative"? It's like a Zen riddle.

  • These people, still obsessed with the Clenis. Weird, wild stuff. I dunno, seems like Clenis went to plenty of G8 meetings and such, and never acted the fool like this, as far as I can recall.

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