Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fatal Attraction

I know I just did some God talk at Doug Giles' expense, but the latest visit by evangelical stadium tour BattleCry featured a, shall we say, unusual concept.

Several popular Christian bands, including POD, Casting Crowns and Unhindered, sang rock songs with choruses such as "I'll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross." A Christian comedian delivered stand-up lines. The crowd did call-and-response chants about Jesus, using the rhythms normally found at a Giants game.

"We will not allow the enemy to steal this generation," Luce said.

He spoke to the audience about levels of belief, dividing Christians into three categories. "Seekers" are Christians who regularly attend church and study groups but waver when it's convenient. "Students" are Christians who aggressively try to read the Bible and learn more about Christ's teachings.

But Luce wanted those gathered to strive for the apex: "stalkers."

As the word "stalker" flashed on the giant video screen, Luce elaborated.

Criminal stalkers, Luce said, "are so committed to finding out information, they find out stuff no one else knows." He said Christians should pursue God with that same passion.

As he read verses from the book of Psalms, Luce said, "That's a stalker talking."

"Will you go way out into the deep and be a stalker, a stalker of God?" Luce asked.

Many shouted with approval.

Lorena Covarrubias, 18, said she identified with Luce's message.

"I consider myself a 'student,' but I want to be a 'stalker,' " said Covarrubias, who attends Servants of Jesus, a Mission District church, which brought 60 teens to BattleCry. "I used to read the Bible a lot, but I never sought God with all my heart the way Ron Luce describes a stalker follower. I want to grow in my love for God."

The first two appellations make sense I suppose, but "stalker"? What kind of goofball wants to "stalk" God or Jesus? Are they aware of what actual stalkers do, which is harass and terrorize their target in increasingly desperate attempts to win them over? Are they planning on driving by God's house at 3:00 AM, to make sure no one else is over there? Maybe go down to Jesus' place of employment and get in His grille while His co-workers back away slowly and one of them tries to dial 911 without you seeing?

Seriously. There are plenty of names and methods one can devise to demonstrate their devotion and commitment to their spiritual beliefs. I think it says more than these people realize that they think "stalker" is the most accurate way of expressing that. It's not just the unhealthy connotation with the real-world definition of the word, but the clear indication that becoming an unquestioning automaton is some sort of spiritual goal.

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