Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gratuitous Newtity

One thing that speaks volumes about just how far the barmy have fallen in the political arena is that their intemellectual paragon, discredited dung beetle Newt Gingrich is able to scuttle back into the news just long enough to provoke needless speculation about his reputed political viability.

Asked in a telephone interview by the group's leader, James Dobson, whether he had been involved in an affair at the same time as Mr Clinton's "escapade" with Ms Lewinsky, Mr Gingrich replied: "The honest answer is yes."


But he insisted that the relationship with an aide 20 years his junior, his now wife Callista Bisek, had no bearing on the 1999 impeachment of the president, which he insisted was purely focused on the question of whether Mr Clinton had perjured himself in front of a federal judge.

Whatever, fat boy. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. What the hell is with these people; what upside is there for a would-be power broker like Dobson to even be bothering with this guy, who probably wouldn't even carry his own state at this point?

Not that I'm complaining; if they want to squander their time and energy pimping that useless sack of shit, I say pimp away. See y'all in 18 months.

A highly divisive figure on the Hill, he remains very popular on the right of the Republican party.

There has been consistent speculation that he may make a late entry into the crowded pool of candidates for the 2008 presidential elections.

Should Mr Gingrich decide to make the late entry, his two divorces and extra-marital affairs may cause him difficulties with Christian evangelical voters, which perhaps explains his attempts now to clear the air.

I am praying as much my atheist sensibilities will allow for. I think it would work superbly -- and by "work", I mean send these blowhard hacks and their extra-chromosome fan base back out on the margins for a good long time. I think anyone who would even consider voting for someone like Newt Gingrich, and has the fucking gall to consider themselves (much less Gingrich) a remotely good Christian deserves to be effectively disenfranchised for a good long stretch.

Any endorsement of Gingrich by any professional evangelical group will effectively and immediately expose themselves and Gingrich for the snake-oil salesmen all of them really are. Really, even some of their own people might be surprised enough to remove their fingers from their hapless nostrils long enough to smell the unholy hypocrisy.

I've been hoping for a nice full-tilt political purge of the neoclown demagogues and their evangelical fan base; it just hadn't occurred to me that Newt Gingrich could end up being the catalyst for exactly that. Because if this is bid toward viability, he's going to be fucking albatross by next year. This moronic notion that he's putting it all behind him by putting it on the table now -- good luck with that, asshole. Have fun on the rubber-chicken circuit come aught-nine.

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john lenin said...

discredited dung beetle Newt Gingrich

If ever a phrase cried out for an orchestrated Google-bombing campaign...