Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Banana Republic

Just read it. This is exactly the problem with the torturing, smothering security state all the Jack Bauer rejects keep humping our legs over -- nobody ever wants to just admit that they fucked up. Even if it costs a man and his family their lives.

The Baueristas are happy to pay that price, just as they'll be the first to welcome our new insect overlords. What they are proudly ignorant of is that torture has never, not in any context, not in any civilization or regime that has ever utilized it, been used or even considered useful in extracting solid, actionable information. It is used primarily to terrorize and dehumanize, and finally to legitimize the phony excesses undertaken elsewhere by the torturers.

And ultimately, it is the tactic of cowards who have no other way to vent than to strap someone to a chair and beat lies out of them.

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