Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Better Late Than Never

When I do get the chance to read John Cole, he generally comes off as a reasonable person. So it is heartening to see him finally take the plunge, over the Graeme Frost dust-up.

My bad- they don’t have any advice other than “SUCKS TO BE YOU” or “SELL YOUR HOUSE” or “GET ANOTHER JOB.” Because, as we all know, the hallmark of responsibility is making your children homeless so they can maybe get healthcare. Nobody even pointed to the numerous charities that we conservatives are supposed to expect to fill the gap so the government doesn’t have to pay for things. Instead, it was taunts, catcalls, contempt, and jealousy (because these folks are in SUCH an enviable situation).

I simply can not believe this is what the Republican party has become. I just can’t. It just makes me sick to think all those years of supporting this party, and this is what it has become. Even if you don’t like the S-Chip expansion, it is hard to deny what Republicans are- a bunch of bitter, nasty, petty, snarling, sneering, vicious thugs, peering through people’s windows so they can make fun of their misfortune.

I’m registering Independent tomorrow.

I'm sure he realizes that the people running the party currently are neither Republican nor conservative, in the traditional sense. They are authoritarians, through and through, and with that cryptofascist mentality comes a certain amount of cult-like baggage. Facts mean very little, except that they can be distorted for maximum utility. Words mean even less; more accurately, they mean whatever these people want them to mean, neither more nor less. Hysterical emotionalism, bald hypocrisy, years of ad hominem inventions followed by insincere cries of incivility, it's all part of the neoclown bloodsport, and the only objective is to continue their government grifts and pundit sinecures.

And rule #1 has always been that nobody, not even children severely injured in an auto accident, is off limits. I do not think the authoritarian cultists are kidding or being facetious when they imply, for all practical purposes, that the Frosts should upturn the lives of their entire family rather than get even a drop of government assistance. Have any of these stalking harpies commented once on an inept government that has literally dropped entire pallets of $100 bills in the fucking Iraq desert, that still cannot (and will never) account for at least $10 bn, that has been grifted raw by every piece-of-shit subcontractor building piece-of-shit structures for cost-plus contracts?

And they're worried about this kid and family? Naw. It's more limbic than that. Someone pokes them, they poke back. It's how they've always operated. But when poking back involves crawling up a regular family's collective ass with a goddamned microscope, it massively crosses the line of basic common decency.

At least no one can say that haven't been given fair warning. This is what they do; this is how they conduct business. They outsource manufactured outrage to a despicable moral reprobate like Rush Limbaugh, to beat on a family which Cole correctly points out would be a veritable model for all their handy social engineering policies (married; straight; own their own business and home; chose private school for their children), all the while basking in the reflected glow of their own self-serving version of morality.

It's nauseating. One almost hopes that there is a god, so that these animals ultimately get what's coming to them. I can't think of a better punishment than to make them work their asses off for all eternity, only to find themselves always on the margin, always just a paycheck from the street. Welcome to America, fucko.


thedevilzone said...

Yeah, he's getting much better, but I'm still pissed that it was only a year ago that he was damning Sy Hersh to a special section of hell for pointing out the shouldn't-be-all-that-shocking fact that soldiers in Iraq have committed atrocities and tried to cover them up.

But still, the sight of any of them stumbling back from the edge with a dazed look on their face, willing to take responsibility for almost being one of the lemmings is inspiring, no doubt. Would that there were any more with that much intellectual integrity. I sure don't know any of them.

Ron said...

He still hasn't quite figured out that libertarianism is social Darwinism with a joint between its lips. He seems too proud to pull back on his entire thinking system, and beyond-reproach pond scum like Malkin and Limbaugh provide adequate cover for his refusal to acknowledge the inherent selfishness and myopia of his philosophy. He's enjoying alot of traffic for his current contrarianism, which is indeed a novelty and rarity in the 'sphere-former A-list winger makes good.

Balloon Juice was where I spent my transition from wingnut to lib. I don't read so much anymore, but I gotta give him credit for being so strident in saying NO to the Frost mess. Too bad Cole's been apostate for so long that they won't take his objections seriously and just write him off as a leftist, which he so ain't.