Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Friends Like These

Speaking of ratfucking, how 'bout that Lieberman? He's supposedly the closest thing Obama has had to a mentor in the Senate, and was at least nominally a Democrat until less than two years ago. And now he's openly campaigning with a Republican nominee who promises more of the same, and thinks it's a "good question" to wonder whether Obama -- Lieberman's supposed friend -- is a Marxist or an "elitist", as if the Senate itself is not an elite body by design.

At least scumbags like Tom DeLay and Karl Rove never tried to fool anyone about what they were, and what they were up to. Put it this way -- if Obama wins and doesn't immediately exile Holy Joe to the Senate version of Siberia (say, the Committee to Tickle Huckleberry Graham's Prostate), then he doesn't belong in the game. Lieberman's the sort of treacherous, slimy shit for whom tarring and feathering was invented.

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