Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sox Type Thing

When it comes to being superstititous, baseball fans are practically in a league of their own, compared to other sports:

A construction worker with a rooting interest in the Red Sox buried a Red Sox shirt in with the concrete foundation under what will become the visitors' clubhouse in the new $1.3 billion Yankee Stadium, two construction workers told the New York Post Wednesday.

And then he went home and once again violated the crusted orifices of his collection of George Steinbrenner and Alex Rodriguez blow-up dolls.

Sadly, this is only the second-dumbest sports story of the week, the first being the ongoing harassment of the Olympic torch. That's what passes for political protest these days -- pointless symbolic gestures against pointless symbolic gestures. It's a second-order wank, a meta circle jerk. You want to make the Chinese care what you think, then go through your house and throw out everything you own that says "Made in China", and replace accordingly. Otherwise, it means even less than the carrying of the torch itself, a tedious ritual in which the thing is paraded around the world as if it were royalty and not, you know, a fuckin' torch.

These are the kinds of stories that make soccer hooligans appear rational.

[Update: Saints be praised, a construction crew found and removed the offending garment, after spending five hours Saturday drilling and jackhammering through new construction. They're even considering pressing charges, though for what is, as you might guess, a bit unclear.

These people, as evidenced by their effort and indignation over an impossibly trivial prank, are too fucking stupid to competently draw breath, much less build a stadium. It would be a waste of time to tell them to grow the hell up.]

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