Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Against I

This just in: rubes continue to vote against their own interests by pretending that they're voting for someone "just like themselves", as if each one of them had married up so far that they could no longer recall how many domiciles they own.

“Illegal immigration needs to be controlled,” said 76-year-old Evelyn Perry of Fort Mill, who was among those surveyed. “I just haven’t really understood what (McCain’s position) is on that — but it needs to be controlled.”

Even without those specifics, Perry said she trusts McCain more. "Overall, I just think McCain understands better."

However, in a glimmer of hope for the Democratic nominee-to-be, more likely Southern voters polled said Obama "understands the problems Americans face in their daily lives" better than McCain does.

However, Deep South and working-class white voters disagreed, saying McCain understands them best.

They just know, yet they are completely unable to articulate -- or even comprehensively hint -- as to why. This is why Mencken loathed democracy, and damned if he didn't have a point. Wide swathes of goobers, inhabiting the states that dominate every low-end quality-of-life metric -- divorces, abortions, suicides, murders, violent crimes, lowest incomes, highest rates of child and family poverty, needing to be maintained by infusions of money from blue states -- apparently wishing to maintain all those proud statistics.

Do the rest of us a favor and secede already, please. Seems like everyone on both sides would be much happier.


blackholeofcalcutta said...

I want to know where they are polling these "working class white" voters? I'm working class white, make less thant $55,000 and I can assure you, the Republican party, no matter who is running, DOES NOT have my best interests at heart -- neither do the Democrats, but they at least make it look like they do.....

blackholeofcalcutta said...

and you are right, most of the family trees in this part of the country don't fork. However, there are just as ignorant fucks living up in pennsylvania, and maine, and ohio. so where are these dumbfucks comments about how mcdead is like them----- no matter how many homes they or he own...
and this abortion issue...
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me who gave you MEN the right to regulate what I do with my body... YOU WILL NEVER HAVE AN ABORTION, SO STFU... hey, let's let the BofD of NOW decide who becomes a eunich & who doesn't.... You men... it's none of your fucking business what goes on between me and my dr, but you(men) seem to want to have a finger in our honeypot no matter what is the problem!!!
Butt Out our my Dr.'s office.

Heywood J. said...

You may recall a black Republican congressman from Oklahoma named J.C. Watts, whose father famously told him, "A black man voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders." Personally, I would amend that to reflect the cognitive dissonance of anyone earning less than six figures thinking that Republicans have any interest other than picking their pockets.

But they keep letting themselves get rolled by emotional appeals to fear and spite and ignorance. It's hard to feel sorry for them after a while, being such willing dupes. They deserve what they get; the rest of us who are paying attention do not.

As for abortion, it's probably the most crystallized example of an inherently personal, emotional issue, invariably getting blown up into an intractable political debate. The simplest way to put it to anti-abortion activists is the utilitarian argument -- nobody wants to get one just for the hell of it, and if somebody did, why would you want such a person to be a parent? The activists have tricked themselves into thinking that their self-satisfied moral stance has an automatic translation into actual policy, and it simply doesn't.

I would also point out that many of the most virulent pro-life activists, especially at the street level, are women. There is an element of a male-centered power structure desiring undue control over women's sexuality, but we certainly can't do it all by ourselves.

Incidentally, while I take your point about men being involved in a woman's personal decision, it's easy to think of all sorts of legal ramifications that establish an inherently inequitable decision-making process between the mother and the father. These decisions should naturally accrue to the woman, of course, but the man should not be completely ignored until he's expected to pay up either.

Here's the flip side of the "rights" argument, for example: it's not terribly unusual for men to be compelled to pay child
support, even when DNA tests have irrefutably proven they are not the biological fathers, even when the mother acknowledges that fact, even if they're sperm donors who had a handshake agreement with the recipient couples.

Shouldn't those men also have a constitutional right to not have their wages stolen from them, to pay for someone else's children, just because it's more cost-effective than making the state do its job and track down the actual father (god forbid, you know, that the mother might, um, come clean about her role in all that)?

It's a much, much more complicated issue than simply whether a woman has the right to go to a Planned Parenthood and handle her own reproductive rights, without other individuals or the state looking over her shoulder. Of course she should have those rights.

But the government's interference in legal and custodial rights occurs on a great many levels to both involved parties. All of them have at least tangential privacy and 4th amendment ramifications, even if they were not specifically spelled out in the "penumbra" arguments fo the day.

Even the increasingly routine prosecutorial practice of counting a pregnant woman's fetus as another person in the event of a crime seems designed to circumvent Roe, especially in states where they are inclined to do so in the first place.

thedevilzone said...

Coming to you from the front lines of this issue, as you know, I always tell people that this is why I think the case could easily be made for Lincoln being one of the worst presidents. I mean, seriously, why does anyone think it's a good idea that he prevented the inbred shitkicker states from leaving by force? We already know he doesn't deserve any moral credit for freeing the slaves, since he made clear it was only a tactical move to weaken the South, so again, why do we celebrate him for giving us the gift of a hundred and fifty years of sheephumpers voting their reactionary resentments and childish refusal to grow the fuck up?

Anonymous said...

"....Southern voters said what they want most in a president is honesty, experience and shared values....."

The shared values they're interested in are white skin and hatred of blacks. These statistics are really no surprise.

thedevilzone said...

Speaking of reasons to hate your own country, Heywood, I know you'll enjoy this as much as I did. Just make sure you don't have any sharp objects nearby that you might be tempted to jam in your own eye sockets as punishment for feeding this information to your brain.

Heywood J. said...

Yeah, thanks for that. I swear, soon as I saw the word "DIDDY" appear in the new tab, I thought, "Aw fuck." He's such a self-absorbed, talentless sack of shit, he makes assholes like Kanye West and Madonna look almost normal.

Pee Diddly is to music and popular culture what Andrea Yates is to child care. Can nobody find the proper heavy implement to impart into this jerkoff's bulbous head that everything he does sucks monkey cock? He was passable in Monster's Ball and Made, but it was nothing Anthony Anderson couldn't have pulled off better.

And nothing he'll ever do can possibly offset what he did to Kashmir. He'll take Jimmy Page to hell with him for that one.

The fact that this jackass hasn’t been raped by a bear with AIDS is how you know hubris and karma are just fairytales.

Perfect. One can hope. I gotta put Durden on the blogroll, along with Pajiba and I Don't Like You In That Way.