Saturday, October 04, 2008


You know, it's sad what happened to Steve Fossett and all, and I'm glad so many public employees have spent so many hundreds of hours and untold tax dollars combing through sand and brush to find bits of rubble and bone, but what's the mystery here? He was flying a wood-and-canvas single-prop air-scooter in a notoriously treacherous area. Planes go down frequently in that part of the Sierra -- on both sides of the ridge -- because of the unpredictable windshears and weather conditions. I mean, I assume that all that inherent risk is what made the whole prospect adventurous, no?

But by all means, let's spend another six months piecing this all back together in a warehouse. There can't possibly be any better use of people's time and money.

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Joe Blow said...


I was thinking the same exact thing when I saw the picture of the sherrifs etal hiking into the "crash site". I'm like who gives a rodents ass? I mean its ok, to a limited extent, to try a rescue, but this find out all the details crap is better left to someone doing it at their own expense so they can write a book or something.