Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friends With Benefits

While an Obama victory has loads of potential (instinctive misgivings about hegmonic management notwithstanding), one thing I am actually counting on is the impending marginalization of this clown:

"When I go out, I say, 'I have a lot of respect for Sen. Obama. He's bright. He's eloquent.' Someday, I might even support him for president, but now in the midst of this series of crises, John McCain is simply so much better prepared that that's who I am proud to support," Lieberman said.

Yes, and he's certainly shown that level of preparation with his neck-deep involvement in Russia's summertime excursion into Georgia, as well as his prancing back and forth, in and out of impending debates, in and out of support for regulating Wall Street bookmaking operations, as the grand casino falls on its face and takes everyone's savings with it. If Lieberman were any more full of shit, he'd have flies coming out of his ears.

Lieberman said he felt no obligation to address comments by McCain and Palin questioning the patriotism of places in America that are not supportive of McCain.

"I am prepared to be held accountable for my own comments on the campaign trail," Lieberman said.

Don't worry, asshole, you will be. But yes, you are also an accomplice every time the people you endorse lie to us, and you're accountable for all that as well. Whatever political Siberia exists in the Beltway, whatever Potomac gulag they got, we expect your dumb ass to be chained to it for the duration. Don't kid yourself, we're not forgetting. By February 1, we expect you to be walking funny, fuckface.

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Marius said...

It's a testament to the pathetic spinelessness of the Reid-Pelosi management team that this shithead hasn't been bitchslapped already and taken out to the woodshed. Another opportunity to reinforce the perception that Democrats are all a bunch of lame pussies.