Sunday, October 26, 2008

Figure Eight

California's much-abused referendum process (we're about to vote on the third set of initiatives this year) contains the latest tedious exercise in homo-bashing, the ludicrous Prop. 8, which "protects marriage" from those people, if not from the seedy likes of Larry King or Lorrie Morgan. Some variation on this tired-ass theme comes up every couple years as of late here, because the whole issue is outmoded and on its way out, and the god-botherers know this. And golly, they're scared, even if they have no idea why. May they all have gay kids, and thus be forced to figure this out from a standpoint of intellectual honesty.

This year's model was on its way to failure, until out-of-state Mormons got involved and began funding ad campaigns featuring a rather infamous quote from Gavin Newsom, talking about how it's going to happen, "whether people like it or not". Well, he's right, it will. Hell, it is happening. Nothin' you can do about it, bunky. The question is not whether you think homosexuality is immoral or not, just whether you think they should have inheritance and visitation rights like everyone else. Not too complicated.

What really pisses me off about this year's nonsensical effort is this interference from out-of-staters in what is a California state process. I don't care what the issue is, they need to stay the hell out of it here. You busybody Utahns and Idahoans best think about minding your own fuckin' business, lest things come back and bite you in the future. I pick on religious fanatics a lot, obviously, but I think most of us are content to live and let live, it's when they try to impose their hypocrisies that we're tired of it.

Maybe it's time to get tired of it for real. Maybe it's time to get serious about taxing religious "donations" that are being used for expressly political purposes, much less to interfere in other states' initiative processes. Again, you self-righteous assholes need to start minding your own goddamned business, before your little racket starts costing you the money it should in the first place.

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Marius said...

Your states' rights at work.

Maybe we can take the same approach in their fucking states -- channel money into liberal causes and force them onto ballots, if they have democratic government over there. Or go the AIPAC route -- threaten to fund your opponent in the party primaries, unless you calm the fuck down and shift to a more centrist agenda.