Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Hundred Thousand Words

You know the best thing about this picture? There's probably not a pair of ThunderStix to be found. Anybody who uses those things outside of a playoff game -- and maybe even then -- should have them shoved up their asses. The fact that virtually every Palin open-air putsch in the South had yahoos clattering those infernal things tells us everything.

100,000 people in St. Louis, mere hours before Palin gets 30 seconds to reiterate her cipher status on our late-night comedy teevee institution. I won't get too cocky until it's over, but damn, it's getting harder to resist.

1 comment:

Joe Blow said...

" infernal things "

when applauding just won't do....when you need to "make some noise"

when what little brain you ever had has been pickled in Palin sauce. (she's saucy! and Mavericky!)

when you need something to do with your hands....

get some Wack Sticks!