Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America Drinks and Goes Home

It's going to take a while to digest everything, let it sink in, see how it all sorts out, but the initial impact of Obama's near-landslide election is undeniable. I'm not quite to the "skies are bluer, food tastes better, sex is more pleasurable" stage the true believers are, but it's a step in the right direction that I wasn't sure enough of my fella 'murkins really had in 'em.

Skepticism and cynicism frequently are what motivate and inform us, but it's nice to at least have the opportunity to start tempering that with a bit of cautious optimism. Also, for the first time in eight years, we'll have an English-speaking president. And I can start using that "p" word which I have studiously avoided so diligently.

Good job, America. After exhausting all the other options, you've finally come around to doing something resembling the right thing. And all y'all closet crackers and ignorant buffoons that have weighted down the country and the world with your drinkin' buddy, kindly go piss up the nearest rope for a few years. Go John Galt like you keep threatening, and do us all a favor. We'll send someone up to your Rocky Mountain fort to dig out your corpses at the next spring thaw.


cavjam said...

Could that title be a Mothers' reference?

Seems the rightie-tighties might want to learn the words to another -

I'm losing status at the high school
I used to think that it was my schoo-oo-ool

Heywood J. said...

Yeah, Absolutely Free is one of my all-time favorite albums. One of these days I have to work a Duke of Prunes reference in somewhere....I'm sure I've used Call Any Vegetable on these yahoos somewhere along the line.