Sunday, November 09, 2008

Security Risk

Let's not mince words: I think Joey Ratfuck is about as critical to the security of this nation as, say, Billy Joel is. I think Lieberputz needs to be sent to Nome to count caribou shit for the rest of his political life. I think Reid has already been far too gracious and magnanimous to this thankless, perfidious prick, and that it will only be perceived as spinelessness and capitulation.

Lieberman is little more than a Senate eruv, string serving as a purely symbolic fence, whose only function is to make superstitious ninnies feel better about themselves. But he is of utterly no use to the Democratic Party whatsoever, and there is nothing to negotiate with him. He can either do what he's told, and possibly get an occasional scrap from the table, or he is welcome to hop on the bus and be Mitch McConnell's bitch for the duration. He's out in '12 either way; it's his choice whether or not he wants it with tar and feathers.

It's not even about any wild interpretation of Israel policy, or our role in their interests (or vice-versa). There is absolutely nothing that Lieberman can do for Israel that isn't already on Rahm Emanuel's agenda. And he's been useless on actual homeland security issues.

So exactly what is Reid waiting for, a Minnesota recount and a final count of Alaska absentees? Isn't that what moderate Republicans like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe are for, to fill those legislative chuckholes? Fuckin' exercise some party discipline already, people.

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Anonymous said...

Methinks your hope for Olympia Snow and/or Susan Collins is misbegotten. During the year I thought/felt likewise, but was disappointed in their key votes with Bush. They're spineless bitches who toe the right wing Repugnant line.