Wednesday, January 21, 2009

News You Can Lose

CNN continues its reign as the gold standard of....well, thinking that something is newsworthy just because they say it is, and inventing a "headline" out of thin air around it.

What about the jacket "rule" makes it "major"? Was it an actual written "rule" with established scopes and procedures for punitive or corrective action, or was it simply that Fredo felt more dignified wearin' a jacket that matched his preznitential shit-kickers, whilst wiping his ass with the Constitution, since playin' dress-up was always higher on his priority list than actually doing his damned job? How exactly was this "major" "rule" "scrapped"; did "Obama" formally sign some sort of executive order rescinding this "major rule", or is it just a fuckin' picture, signifying nothing at all of portent? Maybe each office-holder gets to set his own preferences. Imagine that.

You'd think that while John King was "contributing" to this happy horseshit, he'd have bothered with finding at least one of those things out, before crafting that moronic headline. You know, maybe flesh it beyond that big second paragraph, earn that cool byline. Maybe he had to wear a jacket to get paid to spelunk his own ass. Christ I can't stand these people.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice that 95% of the comments on the CNN article tore the author (and the BOOsh admin.) a new one? I mean Thoroughly. Quite enjoyable.

Steve said...

John King. Tuesday was my first exposure to him, and if I'm careful, also my last. Because this is what he said, talking about the members of the Supreme Court in attendance at the swearing-in: "There's Clarence Thomas, the first black justice."

Heywood J. said...

Jesus H. Christ. Did King really say that? What a fucking maroon. Did he join up with CNN straight out of fifth grade or something?

Anonymous, I did read some of those comments, and they were pretty good. Too many angles of attack for that "article" -- its brevity and incoherence; its inanity and lack of a useful point; the failure to document any pertinent backstory, in a week awash with the most excruciating historical minutiæ imaginable, yet no context for this dumb-ass "rule" about jackets. And worst, the insistence that King be credited for the damned thing. You usually don't see that kind of solidarity among internets commenters, so it was refreshing. I'm kind of embarrassed for what CNN and especially Headline News have become.

Jack said...

O Hammer, YOU ROCK. Keep at it.