Friday, January 30, 2009

Palin Around

Never one to miss an opportunity to keep quiet, or to shake the government tree for her welfare state, La Palin has decided to attend some glad-handing insider dinner specifically to meet Obama.

Which will put her two degrees from noted terrist Bill Ayers. Scary.

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Marius said...

She has to ask for, and accept, federal help from Sambo, as she calls him. Her inbred constituents are freezing to death, when they're not eating their own boiled shoelaces. But of course she wont' acknowledge any of this help in three years, when she will take a stab again the loyalty of the dead-end 20 percenters. Instead, like the sociopathic cuntrag that she is, she'll tell them how Obama offered her government money, but she said thanks, but not thanks.

The difference between hockey moms and rabid pitbulls: the latter have a conscience.