Saturday, March 07, 2009

If They Only Had a Brain

The entertainment value of these articlescannot be overestimated. As long as they're still debating the validity of Sharia Plan and Nacho Limpballs, arguments about the "heart and soul" of a party with neither neglects the most important organ. They're really just coasting on past notions of being the party of balls, which has devolved into blind, impotent rage.

It'll serve 'em well when they finally make good on their threats to go John Galt on the rest of us. Hope they don't forget to take Pantload and company with them.


The Vile Scribbler said...

Ya know, I really wish Barry Goldwater were still around to add in his two cents. I remember in John Dean's last book how he said Barry was outraged by the vicious know-nothingism of the party right up until his dying day, and it would be fun to see the founding father of modern conservatism taking one more shot at the Rovians who he thought had sold the party's "soul" *koff koff* for short-term electoral gain.

In lighter news, tho, I know you'll want to hurry over and sign up if you haven't already, H.

Heywood J. said...

Yeah, I can't imagine that Goldwater -- or even Reagan, for that matter -- would want anything to do with the creeps and dipshits running the show these days. One small comfort is the continued doddering of Poppy Bush, who is just smart enough to realize that, aside from his establishment ass-kissers, he is either reviled or ignored. He knows what his offspring did to the country, the world, and the party, and he gets to live with it, even if he'll never admit it.

Glad to see Pee Doodly taking time out from helping abusive rappers reconcile with their punching bags, and raping Frank Sinatra's catalog to pimp over-priced vodka. Pee is a man of many well-hidden talents; if there's anyone who can make Twitter even more pointless and inane than it already is, it's Pee.

Maybe he and Kanye can have a Twit-off.