Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hearts 'n' Minds

You know, on the one hand, it almost gives you a headache to think that after ten years in that puckered butthole of a country, anyone could still be stupid enough to antagonize the Afghan populace by burning Qurans. On the other, it would be notable if they got one-tenth this indignant over the ongoing routine enslavement, rape, torture, murder, and daily oppression of their own women and children. That this sort of behavior can even euphemistically be referred to like it's just some cultural quirk or tic, a difference of opinion, is just revolting.

It would be nice if we could airlift their victims and, I don't know, send them to school -- or hell, just not enslave and rape and abuse them, but it ain't gonna happen. It's time to get the fuck out. There's nothing you can do with this contemptible mindset. If this is where we and they are at after a long decade, it's time to go.

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