Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wholly Water

Although I pick on various religions fairly broadly, I tend by and large to go easy on the Mormons. But one thing I find peculiarly annoying is their "baptism" of dead people. The problem with it is not that they're "praying in" Holocaust victims, the problem is when they do anyone outside the faith without permission.

Now, of course as an atheist, it goes without saying that, as far as I'm concerned, it's just an empty, meaningless anodyne ritual. So what's the harm, then? Well, no "harm" in the sense that a mortal offense has been committed, and retribution must be had, or anything like that.

But it is a dick move. It's inconsiderate and presumptuous. It's disrespectful. It goes without saying that if acolytes of another institutionalized superstition were doing the same to LDS ancestors, they'd be annoyed by it.

This is not quite as irritating as their tax-free political meddling in the California referendum process, but it still sucks. You want people to stop calling you a cult, this is one thing you can remedy toward that end.

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