Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beyond Parody

When Andy Griffith passed away last week, most Americans and media outlets probably thought of Mayberry. Some of us thought of A Face in the Crowd.

And then some others just couldn't help themselves, and thought only of Griffith as a "shill" for "Obamacare". That takes some doing, to reduce a 50-year career, featuring not one but several iconic name-the-character-and-you-instantly-know roles, and Teh Precious is the first and only thing that springs to their little minds.

Amazing. This is the sort of shit that puts comedians out of work, because you can't lampoon it. It just is, unabashed, unashamed, unable to help itself, like a drunken hillbilly screwing a farm animal in plain sight of the neighbors.

This is what a good chunk of America has devolved to, folks. How do you like it?

1 comment:

gracie said...

Good gosh the hatin' was fierce. Are these people afflicted with some brain juice abnormality or what? Do they ever have a pleasantthought? Or is chronic low-level outrage just pleasurably masochistic masturbation for them?