Saturday, July 07, 2012

Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me

Not sure what's more hilarious -- that the Moonie Times has increasingly toxic retard Ted Nugent uncorking a barrel of incoherent spittle on its already craptacular op-ed pages, or that Nugent apparently thinks he's an honorary black guy.

Epic win either way, though. The inevitable snark-lash from this should have poor Nuge weeping profusely about the death of free speech, and how persecuted he is, in no time. That's always been the conservatard M.O. -- clog up various broadcast media with vituperative rhetoric laced with overtly violent references and imagery, then get all butt-hurt when commenters on the intartubez tell him to go fuck himself. Worse yet, they might stop showing up to see him play Cat Scratch Fever for the millionth time, and shoot Hitlery Clinton targets like the flaming jackass he is.

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