Thursday, July 19, 2012

The One Who Knocks

One of the very few shows worth watching, easily in a league with all-time greats like The Sopranos and The Wire. It's hard to say enough good things about this show and its amazing ensemble cast. And the recapper in the link clearly loves the show, which is contagious. For some reason, the final season is being split into two eight-episode mini-seasons.

With the now-annual pissing contests between satellite providers and cable networks, over bundling and prices and such, great shows that require people of skill may become fewer and farther between. There's a lot of great stuff on, but as long as enough people are willing to watch retards wrestle gators and tow cars and open storage lockers, it's easy to understand the business decision that opts for the short margin of dreck, over the long-tail model of having to pay skilled people to make shows with expensive sets and costumes and, you know, writing.

If the profit margin of one offsets the prestige and craft of the other, we're all the poorer for it. Even if ingested ironically, it's sad that inbred duck-call manufacturers and handfishin' hillbillies have any cultural presence at all.

But whatever. Enjoy Breaking Bad while it's still around.

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