Saturday, June 30, 2012

When You're Strange

No doubt by now you've heard -- perhaps even formed an opinion -- on the great changing of the guard of our institutionalized morning fluff, the rotation of one moderately attractive, reasonably intelligent, and mostly ambitious middle-aged woman of little consequence, for another of the same. Yes, let's do spend a week or two wond'ring aloud who should be awarded seven or eight figures a year to warm up the bozos in the square for Gettin' Yer Lunchtime Swerve On With Hoda 'n' Kathie Lee, it's not like there's anything else going on.

But that's not the weird part. This is the weird part:
Ordinarily, you'd assume this was the usual spambot jabber, more or less randomly organized word-pixels roughly approximating a relevant sentence. But spambots are selling something, and neither of these idiots (who, by the repeated use of the phrase "downright creepy", appear to actually be the same idiot) have any active links or pitches. So, you know, what the hell?

Not necessarily another sign of the Decline O' Western Civ or anything, just really peculiar, that this guy felt the need to adopt two separate personae, to take two different (and frankly, rather stalker-y) poses on a completely meaningless subject.

And of course, I felt the need to weigh in on the meta-aspect of it, raising said meta by yet another order of magnitude. Who says America causes cancer?

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