Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Electile Dysfunction, Reverse Galt's Gulch Version

What if the 99% pulled up stakes, left for the emerging economies -- where the bloody jobs are at, mind you -- and left it for Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers and the rest of that lot? They're buying the election anyway, so maybe just getting the hell out, and letting them sell shit to each other, would just resolve the problem all the way around.

They already own everything anyway, and more is never enough, and they won't stop until they have it all, and all those icky poor people learn their damned place. So what's our place -- here, taking shit from these soulless humps for the rest of our lives, hoping for a scrap from the table from Obama and his sold-out friends, or escaping to Brazil, Costa Rica, Slovenia, somewhere with, ahem, a slightly lower disparity of income, affordable health care, a political system not completely in thrall to the Scrooge McDuck class of endless money-grubbing and people-collecting? Is that too much to ask? Why yes, yes it is.

No doubt most of us will still go and vote between Team Horseshit and Team Cowshit, if only to maintain the pretense that it still counts, that it won't get lost in the shuffle of pelf and stupidity, that it doesn't smell to high heaven.

But deep down we know the truth. We'll go back to the Sands and give Shelly Adelson more of our credit-card advances, and guzzle more ten-dollar Red-Bull-and-vodkas to try to forget that Lucy always, always yanks that football. When it comes to voting to pick our own pockets and cut our own throats, nobody does it better than us.

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