Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pot Meets Kettle, Learns Nothing

From the latest issue of No Shit, Sherlock magazine, we find that serial monogamist and professional powdered-donut storage unit Newt Gingrich has stopped licking the mystery residue from his fingers just long enough to commiserate with a barnful of angry rubes:

Former U.S. House Speaker and one-time presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, spoke to a crowd of over 500 Republican supporters at a GOP Convention today in Missoula.


In his nearly 30 minute speech, Gingrich did not beat around the bush when it came to his feelings about our Commander in Chief. He bashed President Barack Obama calling him a “dreamer-in-chief,” in reference to Obama’s proposed Dream Act.

Awesome. This asshole spent six months jabbering about putting mining colonies on the fuckin' moon, and he's got the stones to beat on poor ol' Obammy for trying to resolve some immigration issues occuring down here on planet Earth.

We're long past the point of bothering to figure out whether these peckerwoods are stupid, insane, or just ornery (or all of the above). What they are is indifferent to facts, and to what they were just saying five minutes ago. What we should be trying to figure out is why so many of our fella 'murkins are so pig-fucking obtuse that they intend to vote for this cognitive dissonance. Pure spite and pants-pooping stupidity triumph over common sense yet again!

And hey, Newt turns (um) 69 today. Party on, Garth!

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Desargues said...

Damn, H, you really found a way to ruin everyone's Sunday morning brunch with that picture in your post. That's one vomit-inducing motherfucker, right there. Any woman who's had that thing between her legs has long left sanity and humanity behind her. Sheeet!