Saturday, June 23, 2012

Droit de Seigneur

What do you suppose the total number of in-depth pieces is that Taibbi (since no one else at that level or above in the corporate mediasphere is going to bother) will have to write demonstrating that Wall Street is a pure grift, a scam, a racket wrapped in a scheme and smothered in deliberately obfuscatory jargon, before anyone will do anything meaningful about it? Forget guillotines on Wall Street; can't even get the SEC to do its job, nor enforce penalties with any real bite.

A drugged-out moron kid robbing a liquor store of $300 with a toy gun will do at least 10 in the state pen, easily. But the biggest banks collude to rob small towns all across America, looting their already depleted economies and leaving them destitute for the next generation or so, hell, they barely get a stern talking-to. In fact, it's just taken as a matter of faith that this financial alchemy is practiced by a divine claque of "job creators", even as they have destroyed the economy with the fury of a Dresden firebombing, and created nothing but pain and debt for the peons, and greater cashflow for themselves.

It's never puzzling why they do it, the mystery is why we continue to put up with it. What sort of ongoing desitution, or catastrophic catalyzing event, will it ultimately take for any reaction, much less and equal and opposite one?

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