Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Other News....

I find the apparent mediot fascination with "the royals", well, fascinating. Can someone explain this to me? How is it that, assuming that the free market does indeed respond to proletarian interests, so many people care about the comings and goings of pedigreed inbreds? How does it become an international incident when fuzzy photos emerge of the B-cups of one of the inbreds' wives, or of one of the inbreds partying in Vegas? How does anyone find the energy to give half a shit?

Seriously. I get why people are fans of actors, musicians, teevee shows, even sports teams. These are all people with specialized skills, actual talents. They do things that most people cannot do, and at a high level. But how is it that so many people are so enraptured by people who do nothing at all?

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bcash said...

Old habits are hard to break ?