Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pot and Kettle

You know, just the mere facts that Turd Blossom not only still has gainful employment, but has the stones to call anyone else a liar, is all the proof you should ever need that the United States is not a meritocracy. If it were, an animal like Rove would be living under a freeway overpass praying nightly that some bath-salt junkie doesn't wander into camp and chew his fat face off, and George W. Bush would've topped out at being the best darn-diddly floor manager the Midland Best Buy ever did see. Yes, if only Obama could be as honest as poor ol' Scrooge McDuckMitt Romney. Good grief, Rove has the conscience and credibility of a pit viper.


Sean Riley said...

If a sense of irony were brains, most Conservatives...oh well, you get the gist!

daver said...

When will the idea catch on the the extreme _right_ are unpatriotic?

Voter suppression is _treason_ (FUCK YOU, Scott Walker).

Gutting companies and shipping jobs overseas is _unamerican_.

Torture and race-hatred _offend our values_.

Bankrupting the country with unnecessary wars and Wall-Street ponzi schemes are _High Crimes_.


(Below half in jest ;-)

Black on white is more legible (less graphically esthetic? - time will tell.)

Are you aware that:

"The Simpsons already did that."

"Friends don't let friends use comic sans."